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Malinois male puppy In 1990 we got our first Tervueren. It was a red male called Racot's Amisco or "Kio". He was the only Tervueren in a Groenendael litter and he was probably the best dog we could have started with and we really learned a lot from him. Two years later we got our first female Holmåsa's Kyndel or "Sandi", and with her our interest in training dogs increased rapidly. She was only 18 months old when she earned her obedience championship title. Sadly she developed osteochondrosis and as surgery didn't help her, we had to take the hard decision to let her go to sleep when she was still very young. In 1995 our first show star, Hexen House Vildah, was born. She was the most loving dog one could imagine and she also became our foundation female. Cancer took her away from us when she was 7 years old, only weeks after her 4:th BOB and 3:rd Best in Show at our national specialty.

Our journey with Malinois started in 2007 with gorgeous No-How Vision of Dream and the following year we got the opportunity to get the charismatic adult female Belgross Xena to join our family. There are so many more dogs we have owned and loved that are worth mentioning, but it would be a very long list.

Even if we started to think about breeding at an early stage, we had our first Tervueren litter in 1997. Our first Malinois litter was born in 2009. It's always very exciting to take a new litter and you are full of expectations and hopes. It is truly a fantastic feeling!

Throughout the years we have got many fantastic friends and puppy buyers from all over the world. We can't express enough how much you mean to us!

Today, we live together with our dogs in a place called Vendelsö (Haninge), about 20 km south of Stockholm. This is a great place for the dogs and next door is a big forest with many trails and paths were we can take them for long walks.

Hope you enjoy our site!
Jocke & Monika

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Kennel Kiosan's

Joakim & Monika Rydell
Birgittavägen 6, SE-136 70 Vendelsö, Sweden
Mobile: +46 (0)72-466 66 56
Mobile: +46 (0)76-628 39 96

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WGS84 - 59°11'12.9"N 18°11'31.8"E
WGS84 DDM - 59°11.215'N 18°11.531'E
WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) - 59.186924, 18.192179
RT90 - 6565300, 1636432
SWEREF99 TM - 6565231, 682358

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